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Black Ants

Black ants are active insects that nest outside mainly in grass, walls & under paving. It will hunt widely in search of food, which is how it comes to enter domestic premises.

Pest Control Bexhill


Squirrel can have 1-2 litters per year often December - January and then May - June time. Litter size of up to 5, females can live for 6 years and males 2 to 3 years.

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Fleas lay around 50 eggs a day, the complete life cycle takes only four weeks in summer months.

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Brown Rat

The brown rat (Norwegian rat) has an excellent sense of taste, smell & hearing, although poor vision. They are strong swimmers but wary of new objects (Neophobia).

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Breeding throughout the year, the feral pigeon normal clutch is made up of two off white eggs which are laid on consecutive days.

Varied Carpet Beetle

The lifecycle of the varied carpet beetle starts as an egg. The larvae (known as the woolly bears) may moult over a dozen times, increasing in size each time. Upon the final moult its next life stage will be pupation.