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Oriental Cockroach

Identification & Biology of

Oriental Cockroach

  • 17-30 mm long
  • Female has reduced wing buds & the male wings are longer
  • Cannot fly/ fast runner/ cannot climb smooth surfaces
  • Dark brown/ black in colour
Pest Control Bexhill
Ootheca (egg) produced 5-10 per female, each containing 16-18 eggs, in other words one female cockroach could potentially produce up to 180 cockroaches.


Oriental Cockroach

live & how they affect you:

Oriental cockroaches can be found mainly in heated buildings, boiler rooms, sewers & in voids. They can squeeze into small cracks & crevices. Once these cockroaches have entered premises, an infestation is quickly established. They are an extremely serious pest & are dangerous to human health & well- being. They spread diseases such as salmonella, dysentery & typhoid. They will eat anything including human waste.

Control Measures for

Oriental Cockroach

Cockroach traps should be sited to determine the extent of the infestation. Successful treatment depends upon the method & thorough application of an appropriate insecticide. The insecticide must be positioned in & around harbourages where the pest likes to hide & maintained weekly over the developmental period. Once placed in infested areas, the cockroaches will feed on the gel baits & make contact with a lethal dosage of insecticide. Gel baits offer the opportunity for on- going control of cockroaches over prolonged time periods. They can also be combined with the usage of surface or spray treatments & contact dusts.

Oriental Cockroach

- Helpful Tips:

Hygiene is of key importance to the control of cockroaches & the following is necessary to eliminate the problem:

  • Prevent access to food & water, this ensures that the cockroach has to move in the direction of insecticides placed.
  • Block any harbourages, which create the ideal hiding place for breeding sites.
  • Create accommodation that is easily cleaned, to avoid the accumulation of debris.
  • Check any incoming materials, including packaging & laundry.
  • Good ventilation systems will speed up the dehydration of the insects & will hinder the operation of antennal chemoreceptors.