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Black Ants

Identification & Biology of

Black Ants

  • Workers 3.5-5 mm long
  • Queens 15mm long
  • Dark brown/ black in colour
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Black Ants

live & how they affect you:

Black ants are active insects that nest outside mainly in grass, walls & under paving. It will hunt widely in search of food, which is how it comes to enter domestic premises. Foraging worker ants follow defined trails & cause problems as they search for food, clustering around their preferred food sources, i.e. sweet foods.

Control Measures for

Black Ants

Insecticide treatments such as gel baits, dusts & sprays can be applied in & around the nests. It is paramount to apply these in the right places in order to gain good control of these pests. Points of entry to buildings, wall/ floor junctions, ventilators, ducts & drains & all other harbourages such as minor cracks may well need treating.

Black Ants

- Helpful Tips:

Hygiene is of key importance to the control of black ants & the following is necessary to eliminate the problem:

  • Protect potential food sources from attack by storing items securely
  • Keep food cupboards & work surfaces clean from crumbs & other food particles
  • Block any harbourages, which create the ideal hiding place for breeding sites.
  • Create accommodation that is easily cleaned, to avoid the accumulation of debris.