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10 ways to prevent ants taking over your kitchen

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Read about our recommended methods to deal with one of the most common pest issues in the UK - ANTS

Ants are one of the most common pest problems in the UK, but there are many methods to preventing them from making an unwelcome appearance in your home. So if you’re spotted a militant line of the little blighters marching single file across the kitchen counter tops, try out one of our recommended methods.

  1. Minty fresh
  2. Ants absolutely hate the smell of fresh mint, so it might be worth considering your green fingered talents and popping a pot or growing some fresh mint outside the back door to your kitchen, blocking their entrance. Also handy for the keen chefs!
  3. Chalk it up
  4. Fact or myth? Drawing a line in chalk can stop an ant in its tracks and force it to change direction. It’s one that’s worth giving a shot!
  5. Morning coffee
  6. We do love our morning coffee here at Knockout Pest Control in Eastbourne, but brewed coffee grounds can help to keep the ants at bay, sprinkling them around pet food bowls, window sills and door entrances is the way to try them out.
  7. Barricade them out
  8. Following the ants back to their nest from the entrance point to your home is one of the most effective ways to stop them getting in. Fill in cracks that appear with a good sealant or use talcum powder to litter the crevice to block their entry points. >
  9. Clear up
  10. Putting away food once you’ve finished cooking and wiping away debris from your services as well as cleaning up dirty dishes in your sink will deter the ants from specific areas of your kitchen surfaces.
  11. Cinnamon sprinkles
  12. This domestic spice is an irritant to ants, keeping them away from your home, you could also try cayenne pepper.
  13. Seal your bins
  14. Keeping your bins clean after each bin bag change and sealing your bins between use is a sure fire way to keep them away from areas of your kitchen. Be sure to also empty a full sack regularly.
  15. Remove moisture
  16. Ants are attracted to moisture, so cleaning up spillages or liquid residue from food and beverages will deter them. You can also consider using a dehumidifier to keep the air in your kitchen clear of moisture.
  17. Use good food containers
  18. If you need to store open dried foods outside of the fridge or secure cabinet, then we recommend investing in some strong containers with lids to keep moisture and scents away from the eager ants.

It can be easy to try these simple homemade methods at first for smaller domestic problems, but if the pesky ants persist or nothing else seems to be working, then Knockout Pest Control in Eastbourne can provide you with a quality, safe and fast service to rid you of your ant problems.

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